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Steven Klein

Steven Klein at Sound Control Room, Inc. 2011

Sound Control Room, Inc. 2011

Hello, I appreciate the chance to introduce myself and to thank you for your interest in our products and services. I have been involved in music and recording my entire life. From elementary school music studies, to audiophile sales and installation in my teens, to applied music studies at the University of Miami, to record engineer and producer. Also, interested in building and remodeling, I bought my first house at the age 19. With the experience I gained from buying and selling houses, I built my home from the ground up at age 24. During my 12 years with Criteria Studios, 1971 – 1983, I became the senior staff engineer and was involved in the design, building, and remodeling of our 6 studios.

In 1997, after years of building and involvement with audio rooms, I pursued a niche in the marketplace. Created partly out of my frustration with obtaining products and advice, Sound Control Room was born. “Noise control” vendors were not sensitive enough about sound quality, and the few that were in “studio services” would only advise on buying their products. I became inspired to create an “acoustics product mall” and offer professional advice that was independent of a particular brand. We sell products, and we sell services, and because of this we can offer an individual choice that no other company has. We stay focused on the audio professional and architectural acoustics.

Steven Klein at Criteria Studio B, Circa 1976

Criteria Studio B, Circa 1976

Our standards are high, we represent the best manufacturers in the marketplace and also manufacturer our own line of products. Evolved from improvements to products and voids in the marketplace, our branded products represent unique value and quality.

Take a look, let us know how we can help.

Best regards,
Steven Klein

Steven Klein at Criteria Studio B, Circa 1975

Criteria Studio B, Circa 1975

 Discography (Please click link below):

Experienced in video formats including THX®.
Licensed General Building Contractor
Licensed Finish Carpentry Contractor
CA Lic. #515303, B-1, C-6, HIC, issued 1987

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