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Client List

It’s showbiz, so we have to drop some names. These are just a few and their projects range from store sales to consultation, to design/build. We thought these names would be recognizable and tried to get links for most.

Our clients have won every award imaginable, from Grammy, to Emmy, to Oscar and have compiled a staggering list of record setting milestones including; box office sales, Record/CD/Cassette sales, airplay, #1 releases in film and music. Congratulations for all of your success and thank you for making us a part of it.

Apologies go out to the hundreds who have not been included. If we missed you and you would like to be included please contact us.

Thanks for visiting.

Albhy Galuten

Andora Studios

Andrew Logan


BCN Services


Ben Schultz

Bill Civitella

Bill Withers

Billy Howerdel

Billy Hulting


Bob Blummer

Bobbie Brooks

Bomb Factory

Bosco Kante

Brian Bromberg

Brian Culbertson

Bruce Nazarian

Bryan Carlstrom


Calvin Broadus

Can-Am Recorders

Carmel Highland Resort

Charlton Pettus

Chuck Riley

Cliff Martinez

Damon Wayans

Dan Stein

Daryl Jones

Dave Jerden

David Betsamo

David Frank

David Gates

David Lawrence

David Palmer

Davis Glick Productions

Don Gehman

Donna Roth

Don Was

Dove Audio

E (eels)

Ed McPherson

Ed Shearmur

Eddie Jobson

EFX Systems

Eldorado Recording Studios

Face Broadcast

Felix Chamberlain

5.1 Entertainmnent

Gary Brainard

Gary Gunton

George Charouhasi

Geza X (Geza Gideon)

Gnome Productions

Greg Graffi

Greg Mathieson


Hi-Five Recording


International Image

Irving Azoff

Jason Falkner

Jay Gruska

Jeff Fenster

Jeff Thomas

Jerry Bruckheimer Films

Jim Kaufman Productions

John Edelman

John Mollenhauer

John March

John Paterno

John Williams

Johnny Lee Schell

Judd Abrams

Ken Wiley

Kenny G

Kevin Augunas

Kevin Gershan

Kevin Mills

Larrabee Studios

Les Claypool

Les Landau

Lyle Workman

Magnolia Studios

Marc Greene

Michael Bay Productions

Michael Boddiker

Michael Harrington

Michael Woodrum

Money Bags Entertainment

Nathan East

Nick Lachey

One on One Studios

The Offspring

Paul Davis

Paul Doherty

Paul Dugre

Performing Arts Center

Pete Williams

Phil Shenale

Philip Rosenthal

Plus Three Post

Ray Lindsey


Rhett Lawrence

Rob Strickland

Roger Manning

Saint Lucys Priory

Scott Cutler

Singing For A Living

Simon Phillips

Skipper Wise Productions

Sony Pictures

Stan Ridgway

Steve Kipner

Susan Culley Associates

Timothy B. Schmit

Tom Rothrock

Totem Productions

Tracey Weiner

Track Record

Vonda Sheperd

William Orbit

Yab Yum Entertainment

If you would like to be included or removed email us.
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