model E
Art-Diffusor-Model-EModel E Diffusor install

Model E Art Diffusor


Product Description

The Art Diffusor® Model E

Model E Diffusor installed

This product drop ships direct from the manufacture within 5 business days of order.

The Art Diffusor® Model E is a patented, two dimensional, five octave, binary array diffuser. The range of the Art Diffusor® is extended over other designs by its unique angled end caps to further control specular reflections above 4 kHz. Improve sound clarity and increase the spatial response of the rooms acoustics.

This unit can be painted on site to match or compliment an existing color scheme using standard or textured paint. The Model E is easily installed to a wall or ceiling using construction adhesive and mechanical fasteners.

Available in the following:
Size:  15″ x 15″ x 9″
Colors: White
Material: Expanded Polystyrene
Qty per Box: 2 pieces