Model C Art Diffusor


Product Description

The Art Diffusor® Model C

Model C Diffusor Control Room Back Wall

This product drop ships direct from the manufacture within 5 business days of order.

The Art Diffusor® Model C is a patented, two dimensional, four octave, binary array diffuser. This diffuser improves sound clarity and ambience while increasing the overall perceived space of the room. The range of the Art Diffusor® is extended over other designs by its unique angled end caps to further control specular reflections above 4 kHz.

The  animation to the right is intended to help visually demonstrate the process of sound diffusion from a single sound source. The Model C Art Diffusor® deflects the sound on two planes, a result of the angled end caps and the various well depths.

Available in the following:
Size:  23-5/8″ x 23-5/8″ x 4-1/2″
Color: White
Material: Thermoplastic
Qty per Box: 6 pieces