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The Differences Between “Sound Proofing” and Acoustic Treatment.


Sound Proofing
Refers to the quantity of isolation or privacy one area has from another. It is very difficult to achieve and requires a total approach to the problem. There is no simple solution and partial methods don’t work. Most often construction is involved. Lightweight materials such as foam placed on a wall will have no effect to the bass energy passing through the wall.

The isolation products we offer are used in building systems to help attenuate sound. No product or system will work as a magic bullet solution – However, when materials are properly installed and combined in an overall system, they can be very effective for reducing sound transmission.

Last thing…. We don’t like the term ‘sound proof’ as it is almost impossible to achieve total isolation from sound at loud levels, the best is a reduction in level. Anywhere you have seen ‘sound proofing’ in relation to applied light weight materials is flat out wrong. Read any reputable author on the subject and they will agree.

Acoustic Treatment
Refers to any material that is placed in the room that has a direct effect on the perceived quality of the sound.

It is that simple!

Knowing what to put where and how much is difficult.

We are happy to help. Next step is Acoustic: Basic Concepts, Guidelines, and Materials


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