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Whether your project is large or small, we can help. We have cost effective, pragmatic solutions to complex problems and welcome you to draw upon our years of studio design and building experience. We evaluate and offer recommendations on issues of room acoustic response, acoustic treatments, sound leakage, room design, feasibility studies for new or remodel construction, and other matters pertaining to sound control. We can provide letters of recommendations and relevant product information related to your concerns. We work with clients locally and nationally.

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Acoustic Consultation: for Pro and home Recording Studios, post production, Live Rooms, Theaters, Entertainment, Soundproofing, and more …

Plans: Detailed drawings and design guidelines for planning and building music / audio rooms.

Information: Articles and links to help you improve your sound studio.

Construction: and General Contracting services are exclusive to environments where acoustics and isolation are critical …

Design Services: We have developed our services to offer professional acoustical and studio design at the most efficient and economical point …

Custom Fabrication: Can’t find it? We’ll make it … See samples.

Installation: We install what we sell.

Testing: We offer state of the art computer acoustic analysis.

Isolation: Unique products for improved soundproofing; Sound Barriers, Isolation Clips, Door and Window Seals, Floor Isolators, Decouplers, and more…

Absorption: is necessary for every room. See a complete selection of quality products.

Diffusion: Full selection of manufactured and custom architectural diffusors.

Gobos: Must have products for all music rooms; dividers of all type and sizes for portable, movable, variable acoustics.

Room Kits: The largest selection of kits available. Our made to order Sound Control Room kits include a custom acoustic design by Steven Klein.

Audio Monitors: The “amazing” Spatial One. Limited quantities, act now.

Accessories, Fabrics, Stands, Unique Products: The largest selection of decorative acoustic fabrics and useful, necessary items for your studio.

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