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We are the leading full service company of

sound control solutions for musicians and audio professionals.

“The acoustics of the place are simply, ‘perfect.'”- John M., President/Singer/Songwriter, M-Pire Recording Studio

Our Services

Acoustic Consultation for Professional Commercial and Residential Recording Studios, Post Production, Live Rooms, Theaters, Entertainment, Soundproofing, and so much more …

Steven Klein has 40+ years experience in music studios. Starting in 1972 as an engineer/producer he joined the staff at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida (Senior Staff Engineer 1976 – 1982). With more than 30 gold and platinum records and hundreds of completed studios, you will receive professional, proven advice. Full service comprehensive interior acoustic design, studio equipment placement, speaker voicing, sound proof studio construction, and project planning. Large or small, our service is affordable and designed to fit your needs.

Design ServicesWe have developed our service to offer professional acoustical and studio design at the most efficient and economical point.…

By creating an ‘ala carte’ approach we are able to fit into your project at fixed costs without expensive retainers and lengthy contracts. We can create or provide assistance with all aspects of architectural design. This includes but not limited to: soundproof construction details, exterior elevations, floor plans, reflected ceiling details, acoustic treatments, specialized sound control material specifications, interior design, furniture, equipment placement, colors and finishes.Common criteria we seek to achieve for proper planning: Room ratios that optimize acoustic response and ergonomic design to work within the aesthetic, artistic and budgetary guidelines of our clients. Using computer aided drawing AutoCAD, we can design into existing architectural plans. We often work with clients outside our local area, in combination with the clients architect and engineers.

Construction and General Contracting services are exclusive to environments where acoustics and isolation are critical.

We are a California Licensed General Building and Finish Carpentry Contracting Company, License #515303 issued 1987. We build and remodel critical acoustical environments in commercial and residential buildings. The scope of our work ranges from composer/producer rooms, state of the art theaters and recording studios, large multi-room production facilities, dance and performance venues, to small remodeling of home recording studios, practice rooms, and everything in between.We have a core crew of master finish carpenters that make certain the details are finished to the highest standards. Our attention to detail is unmatched. Steven inspects and supervises all aspects to insure projects meet our specifications and are completed on schedule.

No other company can provide the depth of service and experience we bring to your project …

go from a dirt lot to compact disc all within the capability of one company.

Installation – We install what we sell.

Our clients have busy schedules; timely installation is a great factor. We can arrange an installation within a precise, sensible time frame, sometimes within days. We are accustomed to the recording studio environment and experienced at working around sensitive equipment. Minimize your downtime, because of our experience we are the fastest most efficient choice for your purchases.Our installation crews have years of know-how.

We have what it takes for your success.

Fabric Wall SystemStretch fabric wall treatments are our specialty.

Along with hundreds of fabrics to choose from upholstered walls provide a high end, attractive, uniform finish. Ideal for studios, theaters, restaurants, or anywhere sophisticated acoustics and appearance are necessary.

TestingWe offer state of the art computer acoustic analysis.

Today’s sound professionals demand technology that is accurate and affordable. The TEF analyzer enables the sound professional to see and measure existing acoustical problems while evaluating each change as it is made.

Custom FabricationCan’t find it? … We’ll make it.

We can design and build anything you want. Full design services include furniture, cabinetry, millwork, and architectural acoustics. Can’t find what you need? We can make it for you.

If you can dream it, we can make it a reality

Acoustic ProductsBest products, at the lowest prices!

Welcome to the most comprehensive online selection of sound control products for musicians and audio professionals. We are the online low cost leader of acoustic materials. We sell a wide variety of sound treatment and sound proofing materials from top manufactures, as well as our own specialty products.


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